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The First TED Talk on Bisexuality


Bisexual researcher Tania Israel dispels the "bisexual is binary" trope along with exploring the power of acknowledging and understanding the complexity of sexuality. Israel uses humor and personal experience to explode the usual gay/straight framework used to define sexuality. As the first TED talk to cover bisexuality, we hope Israel's debut opens the door to many more.


Five Ways Bisexual Women Can Pursue Better Health & Wellness

Recognize cover  

Autostraddle ended March's Bisexual Health Awareness Month with a great piece highlighting significant ways bi women can get access to quality health care and how providers can be more inclusive in their approach to their patients. Final words: "No matter how bleak the statistics or how unaware the medical community when it comes to bisexual health, it is possible to get good health care. With education efforts like those of the BRC, experts like [Vanessa] Schick dedicating research to our community’s needs, and community organizations around the country fighting to provide good care to bisexual women, the situation is on the up and up. It’s up to each of us to ensure we’re taking advantage of the resources available and fighting to spread access for all bi women."


BiCast Interviews BRC President About Bisexual Health Awareness Month

BHAM logo  

March 2015 was the second annual Bisexual Health Awareness Month sponsored by the Bisexual Resource Center. This year's campaign highlighted the issues of mental health in the bi community. The BiCast interviewed BRC President Julia Canfield to find out more about the importance of bi health and the goals of this year's campaign.


BRC Publishes Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men

Recognize cover  

"The Bisexual Resource Center has released a new collection of stories highlighting the voices of 63 cisgender and transgender bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, and sexually fluid men from countries all around the world. Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men includes short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, personal narratives, critical essays, and visual art features meant to recognize the diversity of the bisexual male population." ~Advocate.com


Bi Community Celebrates the First Out Bisexual U.S. Governor

Kate Brown  

On February 18, 2015, Kate Brown of Oregon became the first out bisexual (and LGBT generally) governor of a US state. The Bisexual Resource Center was asked for comment about this political development by the AP. "'There are so few bi political leaders out there, so we pay attention to them,' said Ruthstrom, citing US representative Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona as the other prominent example." Brown's political career began in Oregon's House of Representatives, later moving to the State Senate where she became its first woman Majority Leader. In 2008, she was elected as Oregon's Attorney General. Oregon does not have a Lieutenant Governor, so when Gov. John Hitzhaber resigned, Brown was next in line for the office.


Cosmopolitan: Do Bisexuals Face More Health Risks?

brit santana  

The stigma that bisexual women experience is harming our health. Cosmopolitan magazine included some of the significant statistics about physical and mental health issues for bi women. Plus, tips on how to support a friend who comes out to you as bi.


The Brian Lehrer Show: Don't Call Bisexuality a Fad

Brian Lehrer Show  

With lots of buzz about celebrities coming out as being attracted to more than one gender, Maria Bello and Tom Daley among them, BRC's Ellyn Ruthstrom takes calls on the Brian Lehrer Radio Show on many different aspects of coming out and living as bisexual in the real world.


HuffPo Live: Bisexuals Get Their Turn at the White House


On Bi Pride Day, 2013, HuffPo Live interviewed BRC's Ellyn Ruthstrom and community activists Aud Traher and Denaril Monroe on the importance of the day and the historic Roundtable on Bisexual Issues being held at the White House. The BRC and BiNet USA co-organized this meeting of 33 bi activists and other LGBT leaders with Obama Administration officials.


Savage Lovecast: Interviewing BRC President on Coming Out as Bisexual

bi pride day sticker  

Right after Bi Pride Day 2013, Dan Savage interviewed BRC's Ellyn Ruthstrom on coming out issues for the bi community. As we know, Mr. Savage has a complicated history with the bi community, and we welcome opportunities to dialogue with him on what is distinct about our identity and raise awareness about the need for more lesbian and gay understanding of our experiences.


Celebrating 10 Amazing Bi Women of Color

Jocasta Zamarippa  

QWOC Media Wire is highlighting the work of 10 amazing bi women of color whose work ranges from politics to healthcare to media to social justice activism and more. QWOC Media Wire says, "Ignoring bisexual women of color for women’s history month isn’t going to cut it." And we couldn't agree more!


Record producer Clive Davis Comes Out as Bi

BLR group shot  

When 80-year-old record producer Clive Davis came out as bisexual in his new memoir, the bi community cheered his frankness about his history and the importance of having out bi male celebs. BRC's Ellyn Ruthstrom provides an upbeat note in an article by The Daily Beast that did the usual take on "gay, straight or lying." Ho-hum. “I think it’s really great that younger celebrities are now feeling more comfortable to be more openly bi and hopefully that really helps our community. And I hope that people will just allow Mr. Davis his self-identity and celebrate it with him,” Ruthstrom said.


Flying The Bi Flag High and Proud At Creating Change

BLR group shot  

Atlanta, Georgia was the site of the very first Bisexual Leadership Roundtable (BLR) at NGLTF's annual Creating Change conference. BRC's Ellyn Ruthstrom shares her experience of the most bi-friendly Creating Change experience she's ever had. From the historic BLR meeting on the first day to the closing ceremony with out bi singer Frenchie Davis, there was much to be loud and proud about. Read the HuffPo piece here.


Deconstructing the Gay/Straight Binary


Listen to this great video that shares the stories of bi people's experiences with biphobia and their understanding of their own sexuality. Too bad they left off the BRC on their listing of bisexual resources.


Beyond Binary Bigotry: Dig Boston Asks the BRC

dig graphic  

Dig Boston investigated the issue of bisexual erasure within the LGBTQ community in "Beyond Binary Bigotry." BRC's Ellyn Ruthstrom commented, “There is a great deal of biphobia from the straight and from the lesbian and gay community. This biphobia builds up stereotypes about people who are promiscuous. Behavior is promiscuous, not identity. The bisexual community is just as diverse as any other community.”


Ontario Canada Launches Bi Mental Health Survey


The Risk & Resilience Research Team in Ontario, Canada is researching the risk factors affecting the mental health of bisexual people in their province. This awesome video gets to the heart of the matter for bisexuals trying to access any health services. Kudos to the Ontario group for continuing to do such great work.


BRC prepares the world for the Bisexual Invasion


The Bisexuals are Coming! And they are bringing love, respect and inclusion to all! Check out the video the BRC made to greet the participants at the Bisexual Invasion House Party.


Bisexual Breakfast by Michael Monroe at Bilicious Boston


Michael Monroe, slam poet, was a featured performer in the 1st Annual Bilicious Boston Show, where he performed "Bisexual Breakfast" at Club Café. The 3rd Annual Bilicious Boston will take place on Saturday, October 6th with yet another awesome line-up of bi-tastic performers.


Youth create bi-themed videos to raise awareness


As part of the third annual Bisexual/Pansexual/Fluid Organizing Institute at the 2012 Creating Change conference in Baltimore, several teams spent 90 minutes creating videos that encourage viewers to change what they think about bisexuality. In this video, you are first introduced to many different stereotypes and misconceptions about bisexuality, before being challenged to learn more and contact bi organizations.


BRC launches video to support bi teen


Bullying is a serious problem for many teens, and bisexual teens are among those being bullied for their perceived sexual orientation and/or gender expression. The Bisexual Resource Center produced a new video in response to a Massachusetts teen named Molli after she shared a very personal experience with bullying and violence. We wanted to assure bi teens and others that there are resources out there for them and to get connected to organizations that care about and understand their situation.

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