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BRC materials

The Bisexual Resource Center creates materials to be used by individuals, bi support groups, LGBT organizations, and other groups that want to know more about bisexuality or raise awareness about it.


Brochures & Handouts


Current BRC Brochures Available as PDFs and in Print: Click on the brochure titles to download the PDF version. If you are interested in purchasing bulk copies of any of the brochures, please email brc@biresource.net for pricing information.

The Bisexual Resource Center brochure

Find out about the oldest national bisexual organization. Includes the organization's mission, goals and objectives.


Mental Health in the Bisexual Community: Biphobia, Bi Erasure & Getting Help

Our newest brochure, released for 2015 Bisexual Health Awareness Month, draws attention to the mental health issues in the bi community and suggests ways to help find support and tips on self-care.


Ten Tips on How to Be Bi-inclusive in Your Programs & Services for LGBTQ Elders

How can elder programs be welcoming to bisexual elders? Here's a list of ten suggestions on ways to help boost your bi-sensitivity and build stronger and more inclusive programs.


Books on Bisexuality: An Annotated Listing

The BRC's newest brochure includes short synopses of the classic bi books you should have on your shelf. Perfect resource for an LGBT center or a bi support group.


Starting or Growing Your Bisexual Support Group - Have you been wanting to start up a new bi support group in your area? Or are you trying to revitalize an already existing group? This brochure provides tips on logistics, publicity, confidentiality issues and more.


How to Be an Ally to a Bisexual Person - Ever wonder how you can be an ally to a bi person? Or maybe you'd like a quick and easy way to inform someone you know how they could be more supportive of you. Either way, the BRC has a great brochure for you. Tip #1: Believe that I exist.


Press Releases


The BRC occasionally distributes press releases about significant events or commentary concerning news within the community. Please contact brc@biresource dot net if you are looking to follow up on any media request. Or call 617-424-9595.


February 23, 2016: BRC Designates March 2016 as Bisexual Health Awareness Month


February 23, 2015: BRC Designates March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month


July 2, 2014: The Fenway Institute Hosts Groundbreaking Meeting on Bisexual Health Research


February 19, 2014: BRC Designates March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month


February 3, 2014: Open Letter to Conner Mertens for Coming Out as Bisexual


June 26, 2013: Celebrating the end of the Defense of Marriage Act



How to be an Ally


"When I tell you I’m bisexual, please don’t try to talk me into redefining my identity into something more comfortable for you. Please don’t tell me that if I haven’t been sexual with more than one sex in the last three, five, or ten years that I am no longer bisexual."

From How to Be an Ally to a Bisexual Person

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